Marine gas oil

Purchase your high quality MGO and have it delivered from depot or tank truck anywhere in the Faroe Islands at any time of the day or night. Your oil can be delivered via pump, or in drums or other types of packaging.

Magn can deliver ex-pipe from the following locations in the Faroes:

Bunkers references

More than 100 clients from all over the world trust us. We really appreciate confidence and reputation of our customers, which is why we maintain a high level of professionalism at all stages of product delivery.

West Hercules 2014

Magn was pleased and proud bunkers provider to the West Hercules in 2014. Magnhas vast experience regarding the unique and complex bunkers delivery system with emphasis laid on a variety of environmental, safety and quality program. This commitment ensured a smooth and problem free delivery to the West Hercules operation in 2014.

Vroon Technip, Dolphin Geophysical and BP

Magn has shown high level of commitment within each of these offshore companies Vroon Technip, Dolphin Geophysical and BP. Magn have delivered Bunkers to these offshore companies and it was a pleasure to deal with such, extremely professional and committed clients.

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